Monomania Needlepoint Design is truly a family affair!  Geoff is responsible for the design and hand-painting of our canvases, Carole handles the administrative end of things, and son Michael is our website designer and go-to guy for all computer-related issues.

Though his talent was recognized early on, Geoff began his working life teaching art to others.  After several years instructing first at the elementary and then the secondary level, Geoff became intrigued with…. needlepoint!  This was the very end of the 1970s and “designer needlepoint” was poised to refashion the rather stodgy image of this craft.  Geoff’s designs were immediately acknowledged as “not your grandmother’s” needlepoint—contemporary, bold and fun

As he designed and painted (and painted and painted!), his skills grew in proportion to the volume of canvases produced.  From coasters to rugs, he took on commissions for custom designs at the same time as he continued to produce a line of canvases marketed through needlework shops across Canada and the United States.  His meticulous attention to the smallest details ensures a product whose quality never changes.  Geoff has painted each and every canvas that Monomania has produced in over twenty-six years! 



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